15 December 2014


1. This is a private page where I write about one of my hobbies – in particular, about scale aircraft modelling. There will be some scale model kit reviews and some articles about my built models. Although there are many subjects in history and aviation that are of great interest to me, this page is only dedicated to scale modelling, and in terms of collecting and building scale model kits I limit myself to one particular area: aircraft used by the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps from the early 1940s until the turn of the 21st century.

2. When reviewing or building a model kit, my chief interest is in its accuracy. All model kits are courtesy of my own wallet; thus if something is not accurate, I say so. Verdicts such as "highly recommended" or "Cons: nothing noted" are not my style. I am not here to recommend; I try to analyze and to assess whether a model is accurate or not, basing on historical photographs and historical data and not on hearsay or drawings of undetermined origin.

3. Emotions are something I reserve for other things – a breathtaking landscape, a sunny day, a good book or a piece of good music. In a model kit, a vertical stabilizer is either accurate or inaccurate. So I do not hold with sentiments along the lines of "those modern 3D-engineered kits, they have no soul". Rarity value and nostalgic feelings are something sought by collectors of antiquities. I respect their views, but I am not one of them.

4. As mentioned above, this is a private page. If you have questions regarding my model kit reviews or my model kit articles, you are very welcome to write to me. I will try to answer. If, however, your goal is to express your views to the Internet in general, this is not the place. Please do not take offence but turn elsewhither.